1757 Vermouth di Torino Rosso
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1757 Vermouth di Torino Rosso

100cl | 16% ABV | Italy

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Mouth-warming, with a long bittersweet finish 1757 is a classically styled Torino Vermouth. It was created to celebrate and pay homage to Cinzano’s founding fathers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano, who created Casa Cinzano in 1757.

Rich red wine notes enhanced with woody vanilla and dried fruit (especially fig) emerge on the nose. To taste, dried fig-like red fruits open to spices (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon), roots & barks such as sweet liquorice in addition to drying wormwood.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Launched in 2014, Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino Rosso features only Italian wines that have been enriched with a botanical bouquet featuring Artemisia (wormwood), specifically sourced from Piedmont.

Cinzano began in 1757, when accredited confectioners and brothers Carlo Stefano and Giovanni Giacomo Cinzano began their business. They became part of Gruppo Campari in 1999 and the brand is widely acknowledged as an icon of the industry.

Created in Torino for over 260 years, Cinzano have become part of the very fabric of its region. From the hills of Piedmont and bustling Via Dora Grossa in Torino, Cinzano has always celebrated its provenance.

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