30&40 Double Jus Aperitif

30&40 Double Jus Aperitif

70cl | 23% ABV | France

This is a blend of calvados and pommeau (apple juice mixed with apple brandy) that has been blended and aged in oak barrels. A lovely Aperitif, perfect in a Spritz or served on the rocks!

Packed with sticky baked apple notes and a patisserie like sweetness, the time spent in oak lends a spiced nose and structured tannic finish.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

30&40 highlights four key stages for making a great brandy: cider production, distillation, maturation and blending. Here, Calvados is blended with a pommeau and rum and left to age in French oak barrels.

Vincent Thibault and Aymeric originally started as an independent Calvados bottler, 30&40 was created in 2015 when the spirits aficionados decided to make a modern aperitif.

While a modern interpretation, 30&40 showcases the Norman terroir and the amazing products that come from the limestone soils in La Manche.

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