58 Gin Navy Strength

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58 Gin Navy Strength

70cl | 57% ABV | England

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High proof gin is designed to blow your socks off. 58 Gin Navy Strength doesn’t shy away from its calling, with a dose of juniper so piny you’ll feel like you’ve been chewing on a forest and a great splash of grapefruit smoothing the ride.

58 Gin Navy Gin works really well in a classic Naval serve, with a Gimlet working particularly well with that bergamot heart. It’s best at home in a G&T – classic tonic and a sprig of rosemary.

Key Flavours

"The ABV ramps up the flavour delivery, but the journey is still the same as the distillery's original gin so if you like one, you'll also be a fan of the other. It's a great gin to use in a Negroni."

About this product

With nine botanicals in the line-up – vanilla and bergamot amongst them – 58 Navy Gin follows the traditional London Dry method, made in reasonably small batches on a copper pot still.

Distiller Mark Marmont has been a fan of the cocktail scene ever since he moved to London from Australia in 2007. After gaining the courage to go at it alone, he set up his one-man-band operation in 2014 and has flourished since then.

58 Gin Distillery, based beneath a railway arch in Hackney, is a real point of pride in East London, not only offering an ever-growing range of gins to the masses, but a make-your-own Gin school.

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