6 O'Clock Jekka Edition Gin

6 O'Clock Jekka Edition Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Named for celebrated botanist Jekka McVicar, 6 O’Clock Jekka Gin is packed with herbs pulled from McVecar’s own garden. Bold and sappy, with a drying pinch of pepper and a waxy sheen, this is as aromatic as they come.

This gin needs absolutely no assistance in the herbal department, but a small twist of lemon peel will elevate the brighter elements of the gin, steering away from a vegetal profile and into a light, green, springtime sipper.

Key Flavours

"The Jekka edition is part of a yearly limited edition series and while each is different, they all share the same vividly fresh nature. It bursts to life and brings the garden to the bottom of your glass - a verdant botanical explosion!"

About this product

6 O’Clock Jekka Gin is made by Bramley & Gage on their state of the art Arnold Holstein Still, Kathleen. The botanicals are picked in the morning and dropped off at the distillery on the same day, ensuring that the flavours are at maximum freshness.

Bramley & Gage, the distillery behind 6 O’Clock Gin, is a family affair, headed up by Edward Kain and his offspring. The distillery got its start in the mid ‘80s, when the farming family found that liqueurs were a great use of surplus fruit.

6 O’Clock Gin has its roots firmly in Bristol and is a real point of pride in the area. Those curious for a nose around should book onto a tour, which offers the full range of gins, as well as a rainbow of liqueurs to try.

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