Achroous Gin

Achroous Gin

70cl | 41% ABV | Scotland

Achroous Gin is an impressive offering from Leith-based Electric Spirit Co., with a super-tasty fennel and pepper profile and a beautiful, fully recyclable (and, in parts, biodegradable) package.

Fennel seeds and Sichuan peppercorns join with a roster of more traditional botanicals to form something on an enigmatic profile. Achroous Gin is – dare we say it – electric, jolting the tongue. Try it in a G&T with a cinnamon stick garnish.

Key Flavours

"One of the true artisan products in the UK - Electric Spirit is a small batch, one man band type of operation. Despite its size though, it punches far above its weight and the quality inside radiates as loudly as the fluorescent bottle."

About this product

Achroous Gin is made on an ultra-modern still – the Genio 500 – at The Port of Leith’s Tower Street Stillhouse. The still has removable columns which allow the distillers to control copper contact.

Distiller and brand owner James Porteous is a Heriot-Watt graduate, but he’s also worked as a designer and photographer, so he has a fantastic grip not only of the science behind distilling, but the art behind branding and packaging.

Electric Spirit Co., works within The Port of Leith Distillery, a collaborative space which seeks to support upstart distilleries. James distils all of his gins at their stillhouse – he also inks the bottles by hand.

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