Ambijus Clearly Confused

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Ambijus Clearly Confused

75cl | 0.5% ABV | Scotland

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Ambijus is a sparkling ultra-low-alcohol wine alternative, reminiscent of aromatic orange wine, specifically created to bring to life the flavours and aromas of the Nordic forest.

A sparkling drink to enjoy on it's own; Ambijus Clearly Confused has generous aromas of the Nordic forest with apple and spruce leading, backed by piny juniper and a long woody finish. Ideal to pair with cured meats as a side.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

Clearly Confused has been carefully developed using six core ingredients consisting of ferments and botanical extracts including fermented apple juice, spruce needles, elderflower, juniper berries, angelica root and oakwood.

Ambijus was founded by Christian & Alex, brothers who from a young age have been inspired by the nature of their home country Norway. In 2015 they set out on an adventure to launch Norway's’ first Premium No & Low distribution agency LESKE.

Ambijus is not a wine, it seeks to recreate terroir through infusions and fermentation in the lab. Despite being inspired by Norway's flavours and made by a Norwegian company - currently, it is made in Scotland.

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