Anno Kent Dry Gin

Anno Kent Dry Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

Hailing from the Garden of England, it’s of little surprise that Anno Kent Dry Gin is a green affair, filled to the brim with freshly plucked herbs and flowers, including a heady blend of lavender, juniper, elderflower, rose hips and lime leaves.

A big, bright bouquet of flowers sprouts across the tongue, leaving a sweet trail in its wake. It plays so well with tonic, with that effervescent lift allowing the flowers to rise. Serve it ice cold with a couple of (edible!) petals.

Key Flavours

"The science geekery that's gone into their meticulous distilling ensures a consistently smooth spirit. Lime leaf, lavender & elderflower make for sweet floral bouquet on the nose - perfect for those who like softer, more accessible flavour profiles."

About this product

Made in a 300-litre Carl Still, Anno Gin sees its hard, rooty botanicals steeped in neutral spirit overnight, whilst the more delicate ingredients (leafy herbs and flowers) are distilled fresh in the vapour basket.

Anno founder Andy Reason & Norman Lewis are former R&D workers from the pharmaceutical industry. When their site was shut down, the duo put their heads together and decided to follow their passion for spirits down a distilling path.

Anno Distillers is a busy little place, with flavour experiments taking place day in and out. As well as crafting their brilliant range, the team run gin blending experiences as well as distillery tours and tastings.

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