Asterley Bros Estate English Sweet Vermouth

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Asterley Bros Estate English Sweet Vermouth

50cl | 16% ABV | England

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Intense and robust, Asterley Bros Estate English Sweet Vermouth is suited to any occasion. One of the few English Vermouths, it quality and carefully layered flavours sets a high bar for producers to follow.

Lower in sugar than many Sweet Vermouths, this is a bright and complex aperitif with notes of orange, cacao, rosemary and wormwood, that combine to form a full-bodied vermouth. Lovely on the rocks as well as in cocktails like a Negroni.

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Made in the Italian ‘rosso’ style, 31 botanicals (such are hops, wormwood, chickweed, cascara, vanilla, apricots gentian and orange) are infused with English pinot noir and grape spirit. Sweetened using Organic Cane Sugar.

Made by Rob and Jim - two brothers who first began making an Amaro based on a classic Sicilian recipe, capturing the terroir of the region, and packed full of citrus, herbs and Arabic spicing.

Based in South London, Asterley Bros is made using traditional methods and predominantly British ingredients in a workshop in Forest Hill, SE23.

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