AXIA Extra Dry Mastiha

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AXIA Extra Dry Mastiha

70cl | 40% ABV | Greece

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Axia is a refreshing, extra-dry Mastiha. (pronounced “Mas-teek-a”). It's a spirit distilled from the resin of the Mastiha tree found on the Greek Island of Chios and absolutely delicious with tonic water…

On the nose there are aromas of pine and a subtle menthol-spice like caraway. It's also resinous, with notes of cedar bark wafting up. Pine leads the taste pine followed by lemon zest with a hint of sappy wood, finishing into a dry herbal note.

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Mastic trees are harvested twice a year on Chios. The bark is sliced and the sap is milked and left to dry into crystals. These are cleaned by hand and shipped to the Plomari distillery. They are then blended with alcohol and twice distilled.

Axia was founded by a team of Mastiha enthusiasts, including Adrian Clarke and distiller, Nikos Kalogiannis. The spirits is made at Plomari Distillery, who are widely known for their Ouzo.

A huge part of Greek heritage - the resin from the Mastic trees has been highly sought after for centuries and is famous all over the world for its unique aromatic and medicinal properties.

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