Bán Poitín

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Bán Poitín

70cl | 48% ABV | Ireland

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A tasty Irish treat - Bán Poitín's name is a play on words, Bán means white in Gaelic (as in white spirit, this is quite similar to whiskey) while ‘Ban’ in English is a reference to Poitin's illicit past.

Very similar to ‘new make’ whiskey but Bán Poitín is more combines the familiar bready Rye notes with more hay-like character. The spice grows (cinnamon toast, clove and white pepper). Try it in a twist on the Negroni or as a Boilermaker.

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About this product

Made in batches, by The Echlinville Distillery in Northern Ireland, Bán Poitín is distilled from potatoes, malted barley and sugar beets.

The original Bán Poitín was launched in September 2013 by Dave Mulligan and Cara Humphreys. They re-released the brand in 2015 with updated spirit and packaging.

Produced by The Echlinville Distillery, Bán Poitín is made from potatoes, barley and sugar beet sourced locally to the distillery which lies on the Ards peninsula.

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