Bareksten Navy Strength Gin

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Bareksten Navy Strength Gin

70cl | 58% ABV | Norway

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Bareksten Navy Strength is a mouth-punch of flavour, with 26 botanicals clamouring for attention above a bright, spicy base. Spruce tips and juniper fill the mouth with bright, lemony pine, whilst the woodland botanicals take on a spicy tinge.

This really does pack a huge amount of flavour with an intense juniper heart and a warm, deep spice nip due to the ABV. We’d be tempted to go a bit bold on a G&T, serving it up with loads of ice, swathes of tonic and a slither of chili.

Key Flavours

"A higher proof version of the original, use this expression over the Bareksten Dry if you prefer making Negroni's or Gimlets compared to G&T's, as the bold flavour impact carries through strong mixers."

About this product

A creamy base alcohol is made on site from potatoes, but then Bareksten follows a traditional method, with harder botanicals left to steep for 24-hours, and softer ones – like citrus, rhubarb and flower – distilled fresh in the vapour basket.

Founder Stig Bareksten is a fussy man, so much so that he has a GPS device telling him exactly where his botanicals grow in the Bergen forest. He’s had a lot of experience creating gin before too, but this was the first and only that got his name.

OSS Craft Distillery is based in the heart of the Norwegian countryside, and the Bareksten range is its only output. Talking of which, fans of the forest flavours would do well to check out the Original and Old Tom.

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