Batch Industrial Strength Gin

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Batch Industrial Strength Gin

70cl | 55% ABV | England

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Batch Industrial Strength Gin is a truly handcrafted gin made by a small, brilliant team up in Lancashire. Inspired by the big balloon glasses served up in Spain, it’s a perfectly piquant affair, with frankincense, myrrh and a spice cupboard blend.

Though built around a huge array of spices, Batch Gin is a surprisingly easy sipper. We’d add to that levity and follow the inspiration, dishing it out in a fish bowl serve, with thin slices of crisp apple and a fresh orange wheel.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"The Industrial Strength is world class gin. The lemon balm adds fresh aroma, juniper anchors it into familiar resinous territory, while the spice medley lingers beautifully. It delivers on all levels and makes for a perfect gift for any gin lover."

About this product

Batch Gin’s botanicals are tested for quality, then measured out and added to a gin basket above the boiler to be vapour infused. The gin is made 120-bottles at a time, over a run that lasts a flavour-enriching seven hours.

Founder Phil Whitwell is a brewer turned distiller who loved the idea of creating a gin because of its art meets science nature. He followed his own whims to create his range, tasting botanicals one by one to build his perfect recipe.

Batch Distillery is a point of pride for all who work there, with the entire team dedicated to their cause. It shows in the products, with a huge collection of medals clustering up the mantelpiece.

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