Bathtub Old Tom Gin

Bathtub Old Tom Gin

50cl | 42.4% ABV | England

Bathtub Old Tom delves far into the history books, taking on this sugary ancient subcategory with panache. While back in the day sugar was used to mask all manner of sins, here it seeks to elevate an already delicious gin.

Given that Bathtub Old Tom was created at the behest of a bartender who sought to make a Martinez, that would be our first turn. Still, with that delicate sugar coating bringing out all the juicy-fruit flavours, this makes for a refreshing G&T, too…

Key Flavours

"Classic Old Tom, combining full strength gin with sweetness - a good expression to get to know the style and what it's all about."

About this product

Copper distilled spirit is added into a giant vat along with juniper, orange, cloves, cardamom and a host of other spices. The spirit is left to rest for a period of months, with the Ableforth team periodically tasting it to see when its ready.

Made by the folks at Atom Supplies, the Ableforth range of bathtubs gin take inspiration from the (in)glorious days of the Prohibition era, when folks would make their own gin by infusing juniper into any spirit they could lay hands on.

Once the distilled spirit is brought in The Ableforth’s team steeps botanicals, bottles and wraps all of their bottles down in sunny old Kent. That distilled and infused nature is what gives these gins such depth.

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