Belsazar Rosé Vermouth

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Belsazar Rosé Vermouth

75cl | 17.5% ABV | Germany

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A Rosé Vermouth bursting with surprises. Bittersweet and summery, offering a harmonious blend of pink grapefruit, Seville orange and orange blossom with a raspberry and redcurrant finish.

Fruity and floral - this is a great vermouth to use for those who like to serve with tonic water, or for those looking to pair a vermouth with a contemporary gin in a Negroni.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"A real treat I don’t think I’ve met anyone that doesn’t like this vermouth it’s a stunner, fabulous in a spritz with a drop of cardamom or black pepper bitters, garnish with strawberries or raspberries and a sprig of basil."

About this product

The subtle sweetness of Belsazar comes from adding Black Forest grape must. To stop the must from fermenting, it is fortified with oak aged brandy. All ingredients are mixed together during the filtration stage and then married in stoneware.

With a shared a passion for the best in food and drink, Maximilian Wagner, Philipp Schladerer and Sebastian Brack joined forces to create a modern German vermouth. The brand was acquired by Diageo in 2018.

Belsazar Vermouths are based on wines from Germany's South Baden region, fortified with fruit brandy that has been produced by Schladerer, a renowned family-run distillery based in the Black Forest.

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