Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin

Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | Ireland

Bertha’s Revenge Gin takes its name, rather unexpectedly, from a legendary cow. This fiery gin, built upon a base spirit made from whey, is a fitting tribute to the dairy queen, with a creamy mouthfeel helping to platform its unique qualities.

The whey base does add a certain sweet creaminess to the very core of this gin, which somehow propels the curried cardamom spice upwards, creating a blaze across the surface – it’s sublime, especially when served with Indian Tonic and fleshy orange.

Key Flavours

"With the tag Irish Milk Gin on the label, the creamy whey base is a given, but this is an essential must try for those who love spiced gins. The cardamom impact to taste is quite simply huge."

About this product

Only 100 bottles of Bertha’s Revenge are made per run. The freshly made whey spirit is added into the distillery’s 125-litre copper pot still along with a wild selection of botanicals and left to macerate for just a couple of hours.

Bertha’s Revenge is made in historic Irish country residence Ballyvolane House. Owner Justin Green long sought to diversify the house’s offerings, and while sharing a G&T with childhood friend Antony Jackson, stumbled upon the idea.

Ballyvolane House is a beautiful hotel and wedding venue as well as a working distillery. While they’ve chosen to focus mainly on Bertha, there is also a delicious Sloe in the range for those interested to explore further.

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