Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP Cognac

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Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP Cognac

70cl | 40% ABV | France

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Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP is the distillery's flagship for good reason - it's renowned for its smoothness and floral bouquet. A great one to use for those who like to make Sidecars.

Expect apple pie, roasted peach and spiced tea on the nose. To taste, a seductive blend of vanilla and caramel builds, with notes of honey, fig and dark fruits alongside.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit
Fresh Fruit

About this product

Bisquit & Dubouché cognac undergoes traditional double distillation in a copper pot still from November to March, producing its hallmark 'eau de vie.' They are known for making a particularly long "hearts" cut compared to others.

Since the foundation, 200-years ago, Bisquit & Dubouché embodies the ambitious and charismatic spirit of its two French founders. Bisquit & Dubouché became part of the Gruppo Campari portfolio in 2017.

By the end of the 1800s, Bisquit & Dubouché was the third most exported cognac in the world - in large part due to the work of founder Alexandre Bisquit who promoted his Cognacs throughout Europe , Africa and the Americas.

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