Black Lines Pear & White Tea Fizz

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Black Lines Pear & White Tea Fizz

75cl | 8.5% ABV | England

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A house signature for the team behind it, Black Lines Pear & White Tea Fizz was born over summers filled with iced teas and muddled pear lollies.

Liquid Gold. Light and bubbly with an Asian twist. Serve over ice in a wine glass with fresh lemon for garnish.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

Black Lines Pear & White Tea Fizz contains Chase Vodka, Kanpai Sake, Pear, White Tea, Lemon, Soda. At 750ml, there is enough for 5 serves per bottle.

Founded in 2017 by Casey Sorenson & Kuleen Khimasia, two food and drinks veterans who wanted to provide bars with cocktails on tap. Thankfully for us all, they are now available at home!

All bottled Cocktails & Cocktails On Tap are made in East London-based team (E17), while the spirits they source come from a variety of distilleries in the UK.

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