Black Tears Cuban Spiced Rum

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Black Tears Cuban Spiced Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Cuba

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Black Tears is blend of Cuban rum and spices (cocoa, coffee and aji dulce). Black Tears is the first ever Dry Spiced Cuban Rum and combines the country's rich distilling history with a modern twist.

Black Tears has a gentle cocoa sweetness that accompanies the rich coffee alongside a lingering, peppery trace of spice. The result is a very elegant, dryer kind of spiced rum. Brilliant in an Old Fashioned.

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About this product

Black Tears Spiced Rum starts with a base of column distilled rum aged for a minimum of 2 years as per Cuban Law. This is then infused with spices. What sets this apart though is the low sugar content.

Part owned by the Cuban government in a 50/50 partnership, the rum is produced at Heriberto Duquesne, which is located in the central region of Cuba, Villa Clara.

A completely Cuban product, even the name was inspired by the Cuban song Lagrimas Negras (written in 1929) that tells the story of a young woman who sobbed into a vat of rum, filling it with her sorrow.

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