Autumnal Spirits

Autumnal Spirits

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 12 Oct 2021

It’s time to embrace the new season with spirits that rise to the occasion!

The idea of Autumnal drinks can vary greatly from spirit to spirit but irrespective of whether you are into Tequila, Gin or Whisky – there are traits you can rely on coming into their own at this time of year.

What makes a well-equipped cabinet fit for purpose come October and November is ensuring there’s plenty of booze that has a little more spice, a lingering depth and that delivers that cosy feeling time and again.

Here are some suggestions, as well as a one-week exclusive offer for those of you eager to top up….

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

The fourth in the distillery’s Experimental Series, Glenfiddich’s Fire & Cane is bold mix of smoky and sweet notes that match the season and bridge easy sipping with a real sense of depth.

Here, Glenfiddich’s Malt Master Brian Kingsman married Peated whisky together with malts matured in bourbon barrels, and then finished it all in Latin rum casks. It’s unexpectedly smoky for a Glenfiddich with a Highland peat campfire vibe building on the nose, but as soon as you sip, a hit of toffee sweetness opens up and brings you back into familiar territory.

Great whisky in general, but in particular during Autumn.

Vivir Reposado

Into Agave? Vivir Tequila Reposado takes the brand's much-loved Blanco and ages it for 6 months in American Oak bourbon casks to add maturity and complexity to its profile. It’s absolutely delicious and great for those looking to shift away from summery Margarita’s and zesty Paloma’s and into using tasty tequila with ginger ale or even in Negronis.

With its earthy notes of Agave followed by tones of vanilla, caramel and melted butter – this is perfect for that transition, and as an added bonus – tastes great neat too.

Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum

With notes of dry caramel, peppered fruit crumble and chunks of tinned pineapple on the barbecue, Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum is everything you can want in an autumnal medley.

The bold, aromatic spirit is made with Caribbean rums and lush green botanicals, grains of paradise, lapsang souchong and warm-smoked organic figs. We like to serve it up with a fiery ginger beer and a lime garnish, but that tropical warmth meets botanical smoke makes for an unusual twist on a Daiquiri too…

Herno Juniper Cask Gin

A classic and a pioneer in the cask aged genre - Hernö Juniper Cask Gin was one of the first gins in the world to be aged in juniper casks, showing very on just how innovative the Swedish distillery could be.

It’s an incomparable gin, with a meadowsweet freshness and intense, soul-staining juniper notes finished off with a caramelised lemon peel intertwined with vanilla. It adds a depth to the original that makes it a good choice for those who like Hernö London Dry, but who want a step change for the colder months.

The great thing about it is that it remains first and foremost a gin, so is enjoyable in a G&T (which is not true for many aged gins that push the spirit away from its centre of gravity). Yet despite this, it’s also picked up an added layer of complexity. There are thousands of flavour nuances to unlock should you want to sip this with some ice – but if you are looking for what to make when it gets dark at 6ish, the time spent in barrel enhances the juniper with a sappy resinous feel that shines though in a Negroni.

Whether it's especially selected for the season, or just damn tasty - whatever you pick for your evening tipple - we hope you enjoy it!