​Five Tequila & Mezcals to raise your Agave game

​Five Tequila & Mezcals to raise your Agave game

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 16 Sep 2022

If you are into Agave, love sipping on Mezcal, making Palomas or batching up Margaritas for when your friends come around – you may be looking at ways to raise the bar (pun intended). However, with so many new and exciting Tequilas and Mezcals currently on the market, upgrading your agave spirits cabinet can be a daunting prospect.

The price tags can be high, and you don’t want to end up with something you don’t like nor something that delivers exceptional value for money.

To help - our head buyer Emile Ward has compiled a small list that enables you to enhance your selection and make your tequila shelf a guaranteed success no matter the occasion or the cocktail you are looking to make.

Artenom Tequila 1414

For when you need to impress your guests and want to serve them excellent Tequila either neat or on the rocks to be enjoyed slowly, ArteNOMSeleccion de 1414 Reposado Tequila is the one.

The Norma Oficial Mexicana number (or NOM) denotes that the bottle is authentically produced in Mexico but it also tells you which producer it comes from. Each producer has a NOM and just like the postcodes of famed neighbourhoods, some have a revered status.

Geeky fact to bring up in conversation aside, the highlight of 1414 is the taste. This Tequila is smooth with salted vanilla spice and some vegetal notes. You can sip it neat or in drinks and if you are looking further into the range, you’ll find that all three tequilas in the ArteNOM range are well worth your time. Genuinely, you can’t go wrong.

Looking to get the party started?

Flavoured Tequila is rapidly increasing in popularity but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on taste, nor have to settle for artificial ingredients injected into a mixto base.

Hacien Pineapple Tequila is perfect for when you need a conversation starter as it certainly zings on the palate. The bonus here is that Hacien comes in a striking bottle that will stand out on your shelves. Try a pineapple margarita, or their signature serve with ginger ale and lime when this lands on your doorstep.

Madre Mezcal

It’s been fantastic seeing the rise in appreciation for Mezcal and the one I recommend often is Madre Mezcal.

The branding is everything I want a Mezcal bottle to look like, complex, funky and authentic. The flavour profile reflects what’s on the outside with notes of freshly cut herbs like mint and sage, alongside a good dose of aromatic smoke.

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey though to mix in cocktails (try a Mezcal Negroni), then I’d recommend Pensador Espadín Mezcal. Both Mezcals won’t disappoint.

Pensador Mezcal

So you’ve seen Don Julio 1942 and Clase Azul Reposado everywhere with their beautiful bottles and eye-watering price tags and join in on the fun. Me too, but maybe check these out before you hop on the big name bandwagon.

Casa Dragones Joven Tequila, made by the first woman certified as a ‘Maestra Tequilera’, is fresh, subtle and so smooth to drink. If you’re looking for those amber colours and caramel notes, then I would highly recommend Código 1530 Origen Extra Añejo Tequila. It’s delicious and for those ‘connoisseurs’ it’s the kind of Añejo you can really savour neat or use to make a complex Old Fashioned.

Both Tequilas also come in their own beautiful packaging.

Codigo Tequila

Last but certainly not to be overlooked is your workhorse Tequila. The one you use in cocktails left right and centre. The one you are reaching for across all occasions, for all guests and for yourself during the work week.

If you’re used to having Ocho Blanco or El Jimador Blanco or Cazcabel Blanco in the cabinet, then have a look at Butterfly Cannon Cristalino Tequila.

The term ‘Cristalino’ means the Tequila has been barrel aged and then charcoal filtrated to remove colour. While it removes the golden hue, it keeps many of the notes and mouthfeel from its time slumbering in a cask. In this case, the process produces a super smooth and crisp Tequila.

The added bonus here is that it's not a big increase in price either so well worth the upgrade, plus the company gives back to a good cause.