Introducing the Lemon Drop Cocktail

Introducing the Lemon Drop Cocktail

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 22 May 2023

The Lemon Drop cocktail is a zesty, zingy delight that dances on your taste buds and makes you question why you'd ever settle for anything less bright and alive. 

So if life's been a bit sour lately and giving you lemons… it's time to shake things up with this dazzlingly refreshing concoction.

The Origins of the Lemon Drop

The Lemon Drop cocktail has a history as fresh and invigorating as its taste.

Legend has it that this citrusy sensation was first created in the 1970s by Norman Jay Hobday, the owner of the iconic Henry Africa's bar in San Francisco. He aimed to craft a cocktail that was both sweet and tart, and in the process he hit the jackpot. Since then, the Lemon Drop has only grown in popularity, becoming a (admittedly lesser spotted) staple in cocktail menus around the world, but a known one and a drink leaving its tangy mark in every sip.

Until 2023 that is and the Lemon Drop is EVERYWHERE! 

Google searches have gone through the roof, a million TikTok videos have been made and it’s back in vogue and headlining menus. Even high-street Italian Pizzerias are getting in on the action!

Why the rise to fame. The way it tastes has a lot to do with it. The Lemon Drop cocktail is the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and a hint of boozy brilliance. The star of the show, fresh lemon juice, combines with the sweetness of simple syrup and the kick of vodka to create an enticing harmony of flavours.

It’s a smell that makes you pucker up and a sip that gives you a bright, lively burst of citrus, followed by a satisfyingly sweet finish. It's the ideal cocktail for those sunny days when you want to embrace the zest of what life has to offer. See what we did there?! 

Yes Lemon Drop puns are incredible fun too. One is probably enough though, let’s drop the recipe…

Lemon Drop Recipe

50ml Vodka

25ml Fresh lemon juice

25ml Triple Sec

10ml simple syrup

Prepare your glass by wetting the rim with a lemon wedge and dipping it into sugar. In a cocktail shaker, combine the vodka, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well until chilled. Strain the mixture into your prepared (sugar rimmed) glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel and enjoy!

Tips for Mastering the Lemon Drop

To elevate your Lemon Drop game, follow these tips:

Use fresh lemon juice: It makes all the difference in taste and brightness.

Chill your glass beforehand: This will keep your cocktail colder for longer.

Adjust the sweetness to your liking: Feel free to modify the simple syrup ratio.

To serve a Lemon Drop cocktail, it is best to use a chilled martini or coupe glass. These elegant glasses showcase the vibrant colour of the cocktail, and their wide rims provide ample space for the sugar coating that is a signature feature of the Lemon Drop.

As for which vodka, now that’s up for debate. Quality is always paramount. 

But with so little in your glass, we argue that factors such as mouthfeel and the texture are important too. Something full and satisfying like Ramsbury or Reyka will be great. Alternatively, why not go rogue and make it with a super Citrussy Gin like Martin Miller’s Gin? There will be added complexity to the mix.

Same goes with using a citrus vodka to bring in another dimension, like Absolut Mandarin or Chase Marmalade. Each will bring a different yet complimentary citrus to the mix and when combined with the lemon and triple sec, will augment that huge zesty hit with either more zing, or a caramelised sherbet touch.

Our favourite combo involves keeping the vodka classic - something like Belvedere - but changing the triple sec to the likes of Pierre Ferrand's Dry Curacao. The citrus takes on a different edge, but the drink maintains that rigid backbone.

Remember to chill the glass beforehand to keep the cocktail colder for longer, and prepare the rim by wetting it with a lemon wedge and dipping it into sugar before pouring the strained cocktail mixture into the glass.

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