NEWS FLASH: Our IWSC Partnership

NEWS FLASH: Our IWSC Partnership

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 19 Jan 2022

We are delighted to be partnering with the International Wine & Spirits Competition for 2022. Not only will we be listing many of the highest medal winners from this year's awards, we will be collaborating to curate ranges, special offers and to add further information to product pages in a bid to help discerning drinkers find the perfect choice for them.

We founded Spirits Kiosk on the key principle of Conscious Consumption, which advocates that buying something is an endorsement of what it is, who makes it and what it stands for. 

With our five points of information linked to each product, we strive to provide this information for every bottle we stock. We also go to great length to ensure that the information is fact checked and fair - not smoke and mirrors articulated through marketing spiel. We believe that this principle is further strengthened by the partnership.

Speaking about the announcement Emile Ward, Head Buyer for Spirits Kiosk commented: “Partnering with the IWSC will enable us to bring award-winning spirits to our customers while highlighting their qualities to them even further. The IWSC offers one of the most rigorous and fair blind-judging processes for spirits in the world. Having had the spirits independently assessed by a panel of industry-leading experts means we can confidently endorse them on our platform, ensuring there has been complete transparency and integrity for our consumer base.”

So what can you expect?

IWSC Spirits Awards entries close on 24th January 2022, while many of our curators are already preparing their tastebuds for the judging process in March. 

Last year, that involved tasting over 1000 gins over the space of two weeks, while new to the awards categories such as Shōchū, Baijiu and more showcased the variety and raising standards of spirits across the world.

Only a handful achieve the highest honours of a Gold Outstanding or Gold medal (less than 10% of gins were awarded those, with over 30% not medalling at all last year). We feel that between the elite level of spirits represented and the fastidious judging - the medals have real merit and allow drinkers to really see which are worthy of their attention.

Once the results are announced - we will be adding the medals to our product pages and will bring in some of the brilliant spirits that scored highly whom we don't list yet. And that's just the start... there are ideas for themed tasting events, bundle deals and more.

Most importantly, we will not be including differing medals from other competitions, not because of any exclusive contracts or agreements, but because we don't think it is useful for shoppers. By having one partner Awards, it allows our customers to compare across the range in an easy and quick manner, knowing that each was evaluated in the same way and by teams of high calibre experts.

Speaking of the launch of our collaboration IWSC’s CEO of Fine Wines and Spirits, Christelle Guibert added “We’re excited to embark on this partnership. There are many synergies between Spirits Kiosk and IWSC around the importance of consumer education and empowering drinkers to find high-quality, award-winning spirits and we’re thrilled to be working together to bring those values to life.” 

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