No and Low on booze, BIG on flavour

No and Low on booze, BIG on flavour

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 6 Jan 2022

Dry January doesn’t have to be dull – here’s why!

No ABV with no compromises? Yes, it’s true you can really have your cake and eat it. Well, your drink and drink it, but you know what we mean! If you are looking to stock up on great drinks for Dry January, here are some of our favourite “no and low” brands...

Lyres Negroni

Lyre's is based in Melbourne, Australia, where they create their non-alcoholic spirits range. It takes its name from the Lyrebird - the brilliant mimic of the bird kingdom. Much like their feathered inspiration, the Lyres range parallels your favourite spirits incredibly well and there’s now enough of them to make all the classics drinks too…

Fluere Botanical Spirits

Fluère is another great range of non-alcoholic drinks. Just like the actual spirits they resemble, they create flavour through steam distillation, which extracts essential oils from the botanicals and other ingredients. Each showcases clever profiles and are full of complexity.


Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company was founded in 2017 and such is its quality, it is now sold in more than 45 Michelin restaurants worldwide. From low ABV to no alcohol at all, theirs is a range with class and finesse. There are some with very low alcohol content, others with none, but what is consistent across the range is the nuance that's layered into every drop.


Lat but not least - you may want to look at Everleaf which was founded by Paul Mathew, a conservation biologist and bartender with a long family connection to botany. The non-alcoholic spirits showcase his passion for ingredients and his creative flair at combining them into brilliant drinks.

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