Spirited Gift Ideas

Spirited Gift Ideas

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 4 Dec 2020

As the festive season gains momentum, it’s not always easy to choose a present, whether that’s for a family member, friend or colleague, especially one that’s personal. 

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of some of our favourite spirits along with suggestions of who might love to receive them. From unparalleled bottle designs to spirits distilled using utterly unique processes, read on for the gifts we would choose to buy...

Procera GinProcera Gin – For the collectors

A truly unique design, Procera is a beautiful object in itself, as well as an incredible tasting Gin.

Each tinted blue glass bottle is individually blown by Kitingela Hot Glass, with the stoppers hand carved from African Doum palm wood. They are all similar but that completely hand driven, pipe blown process means that each will be unique. Some bulge a little, others have slightly taller necks, some are subtly frosted, other crystal clear. Combine this with the minimalist branding and it makes for a great bottle on shelf and why we are suggesting it for the collectors out there.

The small-batch distillation takes place in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, with the ten botanicals, sourced from across Africa, featuring Madagascan pink pepper, Moroccan orris root and perhaps most importantly, Juniper Procera, a juniper native to Africa. The use of this native variety gives the gin an earthy undertone which is further highlighted by the aromatic and spice nature of mace.

Aviation Gin Aviation Gin – For the retro partisan

Bottled in a classic deco design, Aviation Gin makes a wonderful addition to any spirits collection and is an elegant blast from the past for both vintage collectors and retro lovers.

It’s also a gin with a rather glamorous provenance, with Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds buying the company a few years ago and helping establish it on the global stage. Aviation delightfully refreshing and accessible notes of floral and citrus on the palate, while it being slightly light on the juniper means that it’s a good choice for those who enjoy drinking theirs with soda, not tonic.

Cenote TequilaCenote Blanco Tequila – For the party lover

A delicious tequila, Cenote is a brand which oozes luxury, from the weighty glass bottle to the intriguing treasure-map inspired label which conjures up images of distant shores.

Named after the beautiful natural water-filled sinkholes on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Cenote Blanco Tequila is an ultra-premium 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber Tequila. With a complex flavour profile that marries the fragrance of cooked agave with a delicate woodiness, this tequila makes a wonderful festive Margarita, with orange instead of lime. The perfect gift for those particularly partial to a fiesta and looking for some much needed escapism after a year like this…

Haky VodkaHaku Vodka – For the craft spirits collector

Fermented in rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal, Haku Vodka is a great choice for those always looking to explore further and an expression that would please both those who enjoy a drinking vodka, as well as those who like geeking-out on unusual distilling techniques.

Unlike our traditional perception of vodka – that it should be drunk straight from the freezer – Haku can be sipped warm and is actually all the more delicious for it. Created in Kagoshima in Kyushu, a region historically famed for its rice spirit making expertise, ‘haku’ translates as ‘rice’. We love how tactile the bottling is too, from the satisfyingly rippled glass to the minimalist yet striking label.

Luxardo Cherry GinLuxardo Sour Cherry Gin – For the pink enthusiasts

A fruity delight to rival all others and with a distinctively elegant label, this Pink Gin offers a luxurious aroma of marasca cherries to match. While the Cherries sing up front, the juniper is clear to taste and the finish is reassuringly dry for a flavoured gin, making it quite a versatile expression.

The first gin from this iconic producer, whose history dates back to 1821, Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin can be savoured neat or splashed in classic cocktails such as the Martinez, Gin Fizz or Mimosa.

Glenfarclas 15 Glenfarclas 15yo Single Malt – A fail-safe classic

When considering iconic spirits, it would be hard to think of a bottle more synonymous with classic whisky than Glenfarclas’s 15 Year Old Single Malt.

With the distillery founded in 1836 and run today by the sixth generation of the Grant family, this is a whisky steeped in history. Their 15 year Old is matured in Oloroso sherry casks from Spain and has a long finish with delightfully sweet notes that make it a perfect choice for those new to Scotch, as well as seasoned connoisseurs.

Full bodied and fruity, it’s the ideal accompaniment for those chilly afternoon walks but take our word for it – it’s a Scotch Whisky you can gravitate to irrespective of who you are buying for. The quality is there for all to enjoy, and respect, and it’s a dram that’s known in whisky circles as delivering high calibre, delicious drinking each and every time.

Copenhagen Sparkling TeaCopenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea Vintner – For those seeking low ABV alternatives

A revolutionary low alcohol drink. At only 5% ABV, it still hits all the festive notes, with distinctive flavours of bergamot, citrus and tea. It also delivers that same sense of occasion that typical fizz would, with effervescence aplenty.

Developed by award-winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba during his time at a Michelin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, you can tell this is a drink that has been honed with food pairing in mind and is now sold in over 45 Michelin restaurants worldwide. Perfect sipped cold from a Champagne glass, Copenhagen Organic Sparkling Tea is the bubbly “low and no” connoisseurs will love.