Win 1 bottle of Kanosuke New Pot New Make Spirit

Win 1 bottle of Kanosuke New Pot New Make Spirit

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 11 Nov 2020

The Kanosuke Distillery is located in the Kagoshima prefecture at the southern tip of Japan, along the west coast beach of Fukiagehama. Kanosuke has started producing whisky since 2018 but have been producing Shochu and liqueurs since 1883. Owned by Komasa Jyozo Co. Ltd, the distillery runs three stills all with different neck shapes and sizes, enabling them to create different styles of new make destined for whisky. They have released their New Make spirit to showcase what is to come before maturation in barrels and ahead of their first whisky release. 

We're giving away 12 bottles of their New Pot New Make Spirit to 12 winners. All you need to do to enter the competition for a chance to win is to subscriber to our newsletter. A winner will be selected at random every time we hit 250 new subscribers.

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Nose: Rich and fresh. Malty and grassy.

Taste: Rich and full bodied. Malty and grassy again. Creamy mouthfeel with white pepper and hints of white chocolate.

Finish: Short - hey, it's a new make! The white pepper and white chocolate lingers for a little bit.

Terms & Conditions: Must be over 18 or over a UK resident to enter. Winner selected at random once every 250 new subscribers to the Spirits Kiosk list. Winner receives 1x20cl Kanosuke New Pot New Make Spirit 59% ABV. 12 winners in total. Cannot be exchanged for other products listed on Spirits Kiosk.