Blue Bottle Gin

Blue Bottle Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | Guernsey

Blue Bottle Dry Gin is a beautifully made gin that takes its inspiration from all of the intricacies present in something as minute as a fly. With juniper and local gorse flower at the fore, this is undoubtedly one of Guernsey’s finest exports.

Blue Bottle is a thoroughly modern gin, with juniper, coconutty gorse and sweet, spicy nutmeg anchor the flavour profile. The cubeb (violet-like spice) adds a fragrant kick to the finish. Try it in a Martini with rose vermouth – it’s a game changer.

Key Flavours

"Dusty spice is what defines Blue Bottle Gin, with the cubeb adding both floral spice to the aroma and cracked pepper to the finish. Try it in a Negroni and watch it burst to life."

About this product

The chaps at Three Fingers Distillery use a 500-litre Arnold Holstein still to create Blue Bottle Gin, which is bottled at 47% so as to balance the spiced elements and keep the gin clean.

Blue Bottle Gin creator and distillery Matt Polli is a stickler for detail and immersed himself into researching gin. He has tested hundreds of gins, sourced botanicals from across the world tirelessly to create a global gin with a hint of home.

Blue Bottle Gin is the only brand sitting under the Three Fingers Distillery flag, and to date there are just two gins: the aforementioned, and its dusky pink, grapefruit flavoured sibling.

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