Bob's Bitters Vanilla

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Bob's Bitters Vanilla

10cl | 35% ABV | England

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Bob's Bitters have plentiful, authentic vanilla notes, with hints of chocolate, before descending in to a deep bitter chocolate and aromatic vanilla finish.

Rich, warming overall - Bob uses Tahitian vanilla pods to create a tincture with subtle notes of tobacco and cacao with a creamy, toffee finish.

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About this product

Truly artisanal product, Bob uses the finest ingredients steeped in alcohol, to create a collection of small-batch bitters that embody the purest flavour profiles. Please note - this product may contain gluten and / or walnuts.

Bob Petrie was Head Pastry Chef at various high-end, Michelin Starred restaurants in London when he was approached by legendary Bar Manager Guiliano Morandin to create a selection of bespoke bitters.

Made in a small unit in Essex, kitted out a completely bespoke filtration unit and hydraulic press. His process takes around five weeks to create the for the single-ingredient bitters.

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