Bols Genever

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Bols Genever

70cl | 42% ABV | Netherlands

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A mainstay of Gin bars, Bols Genever is a dry, rye spirit for those that want to get down and geeky with the spirit’s history. The base alcohol holds the botanicals in an almost subdued state, with hints of rounded juniper fizzing in and out of life.

‘Old fashioned’ might be something of a strange tasting note, but that malt undertone is all but a time machine. Creamy textured, with candied citrus sweetness teasing out the juniper’s more fruity notes, this would be great in a Martinez.

Key Flavours

"The Jenever that brought back the category to a modern audience. It's less malty than many, which makes it closer to Dry gin and allows it to shine across many cocktails. If you want to serve it long, opt for ginger ale, not tonic."

About this product

Keeping with the original Lucas Bols recipe from 1830, Bols Genever is distilled using malt wine and neutral spirit, allowing for a slightly cleaner base than traditional genevers, in turn allowing for more botanical clarity.

One of the oldest distilling companies anywhere in the world, the Bols family started producing liqueurs way back in 1575. Naturally, none of the original members of the family are around today, but their recipes and ethos live on.

Bols Royal Distilleries is situated right in the middle of Amsterdam, tucked in an alleyway right behind Dam Square. The distillery holds many secrets, with knowledge strictly passed on from Master Distiller to Master Distiller.

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