• Xeco Fino Sherry

    Xeco Fino Sherry

    50cl 15% ABV
    ES Spain

    Proving that Sherry should never be considered "just a grannies drink", Xeco Fino Sherry (pronounced ‘ZECKO) is a deliciously fresh a vibrant Sherry made from the Palomino Fino grape variety.

    Key Flavours
  • Xeco Amontillado Sherry

    Xeco Amontillado Sherry

    50cl 18% ABV
    ES Spain

    Xeco Amontillado has a wonderfully nutty, aromatic character, and a glorious amber hue. We recommend always drinking it chilled or mixed up in a Manhattan (sub out the vermouth).

    Key Flavours
    Dried Fruit