Brixton Gin

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Brixton Gin

70cl | 45% ABV | England

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Floral and citrussy, with a fabulous spiced finish, Brixton Gin offers a flavour journey that's classic enough to deliver in a G&T, yet individual enough to be distinct from the crowd.

Honeyed Parma-violet aroma shoots up on the nose. To taste, zesty lemon and floral notes lead the profile, before handing over to more classic juniper and coriander seed and a piquant gingery finish. Garnish with thyme and orange.

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About this product

Brixton Gin is made under contract at Taxi Spirit Co in Mile End, London. Alongside Brixton honey, botanicals such as wood violets, hibiscus of juniper, orange and lemon peel are all distilled in a London Dry Method.

The gin was created by long time Brixton residents Andrew Murray-Watson and Calandra Smith. In 2017 Andrew turned his love for food into a business, opening food and drinks shop in Brixton Village called Guzzl. The gin followed soon after.

While the gin may not be Brixton made itself, the use of local honey from Brixton’s Bees as a botanical, the owners longstanding connections to the area and the inspiration for the profile makes for a product that is rooted in the London Borough.

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