Broker's London Dry Gin

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Broker's London Dry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Brokers Gin has been around since way, way before the current Gin explosion, having launched somewhere inside the 1990s. It’s a big juniper gin – classic enough to work in any cocktail and dapper enough to elevate your Gin shelf’s status.

There is no way not to serve Brokers Gin – it’s one with an applaudable versatility, stranding up strong to tonic and making for an intense Martini. Basically, the world is its oyster.

Key Flavours

"A quality gin staple that seems to have been lost as the category exploded over the past decade, Brokers is one many would enjoy, especially if you like gins such as Beefeater or Hayman's."

About this product

Brokers Gin is based upon a 200-year-old recipe. The gin is made at Langley’s Distillery, whereupon all of its botanicals are steeped for 24-hours in a quadruple distilled spirit

Brokers Gin is the brainchild of brothers Martin and Andy Dawson, who set out with the mission to develop a gin with a strong link to London, yet one that would hold global appeal.

Langley Distillery, based in the West Midlands, is a historic distillery producing well over 80 gins, many under contract. There are some truly exceptional spirits amongst their collection, made on some of the oldest working gin stills in the UK.

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