Brookie's Byron Dry Gin

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Brookie's Byron Dry Gin

70cl | 46% ABV | Australia

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First out the gate from Cape Byron Distillery was Brookie's Gin, an amazingly transportive spirit ushering drinkers into the distilleries own Australian rainforest. With 25 botanicals, 17 of which are local to Byron Bay.

There’s a huge citrus flourish to the fore, flanked on either side by juniper and coriander. This anchors the gin in ‘normal territory,’ before letting the renegade ingredients loose. It works really well in a lemon-garnished G&T.

Key Flavours

"There's some incredibly unusual botanicals in Brookie's like finger limes, aniseed myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, macadamia, native river mint and many more. They give it such a unique identity that makes for a compelling flavour profile."

About this product

Brookie's Gin is distilled in an impressive 2000-litre pot still. A botanical basket loaded up with native ginger lies in the still, while most of the rest sit inside a muslin bag, which is dangled over the alcohol inside the pot.

Eddie Brook and his family teamed up with The Botanist’s Jim McEwan to build Cape Byron Distillery. The idea was born when Scotsman Jim visited Eddie in Australia and heard all about the family’s plan to rebuild a rainforest.

Cape Byron Distillery is a real jewel in the crown of Australian gin, with a huge effort on conservation and sustainability and an abundance of ingredients almost entirely unique to them. Amazing – we love everything they do.

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