Buen Bicho Mezcal

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Buen Bicho Mezcal

70cl | 38% ABV | Mexico

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Buen Bicho Mezcal from Oaxaca is an exceptional mezcal made with 6-7 year old agave Espadin. The producer, Espiritu Corsa, follows traditional rustic processes to make it.

Buen Bicho is entirely hand-crafted using wild agave, mashed with tahona chilenas and an open air fermentation of over a week with local, wild yeast. Earth ovens and a single distillation add its distinctive smoky flavour.

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This Mezcal has an intense smoky note, with hints of jalapeño and roasted agave. Delicious when served neat or as an alternative to gin in a smoky twist on the Negroni.

Buen Bicho’s distiller Espiritu Corsa is dedicated to producing the best mezcal in Mexico. They implement fair wage programmes and limit their contribution to deforestation by using pre-fallen trees as wood for the agave roasting.

Buen Bicho Mezcal comes straight from San Agustin Amatengo in Mexico’s south, with its rugged landscape and rolling hills.

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