Burleigh's Gin Pink Edition

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Burleigh's Gin Pink Edition

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Burleighs London Dry Pink Edition is a soft, sweet take on a Pink Gin - one inspired by a trip distiller Jamie Baxter took to Japan during Cherry Blossom season. Naturally, the recipe is packed with petals.

Try this gin with a sliver of grapefruit come G&T time or double down on the floral hit by pairing it with a Floral Tonic. Alternatively, try it in a Martini with a zest.

Key Flavours

"Not Pink gin, just a gin inspired by pink things - all the floral elements are up-front but they are soft and not perfumed. Earthy juniper follows to taste with a dose of fresh citrus peels."

About this product

Burleighs Pink Gins is made in a 450-litre copper still. The still run takes about 10 hours, producing 600 bottles per run. Here, cherry blossom, rose petals, chamomile flowers and hibiscus are added to the brand's signature botanical recipe.

Burleighs Gin was created by childhood friends Phil Burley and Graham Veitch, who used to move, scrap and sell distilleries. Once they got their own distillery going, they roped in renowned Gin expert Jamie Baxter to help them craft their recipes.

Burleighs Distillery is based on a farm just outside of Loughborough. The Burleigh Woods (from which the distillery takes its name and several of its botanicals) is mere minutes away, and while the distillery is quite remote, it’s well worth a visit.

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