Campfire Navy Strength Gin

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Campfire Navy Strength Gin

50cl | 57% ABV | Great Britain

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Please consider this to be accompanied by a siren: You MUST try Campfire Navy Gin. At 57% this intensely rich spirit should carry a burn, but instead it’s a glossy caress, full of warm pine, rich orange and toasted coriander. Heaven in a bottle!

Campfire Navy Gin is a juniper treat, with the berries so sappy and gooey you feel them for an age after the sip. The hazelnuts bring a rich, sweet cream layer, softening the spice – it’s so well-orchestrated. Perfect in a Negroni!

Key Flavours

"One of the category's GREAT Navy strength offerings. Other than it's intense flavour delivery, what makes it stand apart is its incredible smooth finish - a real feat of distilling given the ABV."

About this product

Campfire Gin is made one shot on a 200-litre still. Physalis, hazelnut and rooibos are amongst the more unusual ingredients giving the gin its accent, the latter a late game substitute after one of the ingredients – coffee cherry – was made illegal.

Campfire Gin is the work of Puddingstone Distillery, a small, inventive passion project created by Ben and Kate Marston. The duo felt a real connection to Gin, having been accompanied by the spirit on many special occasions.

Puddingstone Distillery, based in the Hertfordshire countryside, may be micro but it has big heart and even bigger ambitions. Right from the off, it was immersed in the community, inviting people in, creating events and spreading the Gin gospel.

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