Caña Brava White Rum

Caña Brava White Rum

70cl | 43% ABV | Panama

Cana Brava White Rum is named after the wild sugar cane that grows in the fertile Herrera region in Panama. Expect fresh sugar cane juice and citrus with notes of dark chocolate balanced with molasses, vanilla and spices like allspice and cinnamon.

A dry rum with just a hint of sweetness with a finish that is clean, long and surprisingly fruity, Cana Brava White Rum can be savoured neat or used in a variety of cocktails including the classic Pina Colada or Daiquiri.

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About this product

Cana Brava White Rum is created in a copper and brass column still, aged three years in new oak and ex-bourbon barrels, blended with older rums, and finally filtered back to white before bottling.

Francisco "Don Pancho" J Fernandez is the Master Distiller at Las Cabres. While making rum in his native Cuba for more than 35 years, he mastered the "Cuban method" before moving to Panama in the early 1990s.

Las Cabras Distillery was first erected in 1919 as a sugar mill. In the mid-nineties, "Don Pancho" and Carlos Esquivel discovered the neglected warehouse and transformed it into the rum distillery it is today.

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