Captain Sir Tom's London Dry Gin

Captain Sir Tom's London Dry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

A collaboration between Captain Sir Tom, his family and the Otterbeck Distillery. The distillery has committed that proceeds from every bottle will be donated to the Sir Tom Foundation.

A delicate and herbaceous London dry gin with soft hints of citrus, rosemary and thyme. Fresh and aromatic reminiscent of an English Summer Garden. Serve with Indian tonic, a sprig of mint and a juicy blackberry.

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About this product

Based on a similar base recipe with the spice dialled down, the gin is made on a 450L copper pot still, using a combination of pot (juniper, coriander seed) and vapour infusion (thyme and rosemary) to a one shot, London Dry method.

Founded by Nicola Lampkin along with friends Alexa and Geri who decided to pursue their dream of creating local spirits. The distilling is carried out by Alexa's husband, Chris.

Otterbeck Distillery is located in a restored cotton mill on the banks of the river Aire, amongst the moors of the Yorkshire Dales. Not only connected to the region's history via the site, they also forage for botanicals from local hedgerows.

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