Carabus Gin

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Carabus Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | England

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Made in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park, Carabus Gin (after the Blue Ground Beetle) is distilled with 15 botanicals including woodland flavours of hawthorn and rowan berries, nettles, wood sorrel and hazelnuts.

Rowan and hawthorn berries give a fresh, fruity tang to start the flavour journey. Nettles and wood sorrel add a zing leafy note, while cubeb, cardamom and cassia give subtle spice notes. The hazelnuts lend a lovely weight and texture.

Key Flavours

"Creamy and smooth overall. The use of sorrel and nettles builds a woodland feel, hazelnuts add texture, while the hawthorn and rowan keep it fresh. One to add with soda rather than tonic to get the full spectrum of flavours they have layered in. "

About this product

15 botanicals are distilled in a copper still to a one shot method. The hearts cut is then cut to bottling strength using pure water sourced fresh from a hill farm high up on Dartmoor.

Papillon Dartmoor Distillery worked in collaboration with local TV wildlife presenter Nick Baker to create this gin. They will be donating part of the proceeds from each bottle to Buglife to help protect the tiny creature.

Named Carabus for the Blue Ground Beetle (Carabus Intricatus) £2 from every bottle is donated to a local Buglife project. It is estimated that Dartmoor represents over 80% of the Blue Ground Beetle population in the UK.

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