Chapel Down Bacchus Gin

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin

70cl | 41.2% ABV | England

Chapel Down Bacchus Gin is an astonishingly handsome offering, really embracing the gin meets wine crossover with its half glazed, half art deco bottle. Made using grapes as part of the botanical recipe this is something special!

Sweet from the off, this is a real mouth-watering treat, delivering a sucker punch of citrus and a light floral touch. Chapel Down Gin makes an excellent cocktail companion, so we say reunite the grapes and serve it up in a French 75!

Key Flavours

"An impressive gin that adds grape like tones and finish to an otherwise straight up gin recipe, meaning you get the best of both worlds and the perfect amount of refreshing hit in a G&T."

About this product

First, the Chapel Down team use the leftover skins of their grapes to make an eau de vie (brandy). They add this 'liquid botanical' to neutral spirit with the likes of juniper, lavender, elderflower and orange peel and redistil it all together.

Chapel Down is spearheaded by Frazer Thompson, a Geordie with a long time career in the booze industry. His vision for the winery/distillery is to make it England’s most exciting drinks company.

Chapel Down was established in 2001 and quickly became one of the frontrunners in the ever growing English wine industry. With a selection of beers, ciders and now spirits in the collection, this close knit team really is worth paying attention to.

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