Chase Rhubarb & Sekforde Bundle
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Chase Rhubarb & Sekforde Bundle

70cl + 12x20cl | 40% ABV | England

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1 x Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin
12 x Sekforde Aromatic Raspberry Rose & Sage Mixer 20cl

Manly Lilly Pilly Gin is a serious gin with a cutesy name. Infused with lilly pilly berries and pink flowers found on the dunes of Sydney’s beaches, this is a sweet, delicate gin with a candy stripe of colour.

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What's in the bundle?

Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Gin

Chase Distillery’s take on a Pink Gin; Rhubarb and Bramley Apple is a sharp, tangy tipple redolent of early autumn harvests. Nanas crumble meets nanas booze cupboard in all the right ways.

"Tangy rhubarb & bramley apple meets juniper - one for those who like the stalky, green notes of rhubarb."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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