Chilgrove Dry Gin

Chilgrove Dry Gin

70cl | 44% ABV | England

Chilgrove Gin is an elegant, modern gin that manages to bridge the gap between tradition and progressive quite neatly. Made from a sweet grape base, with some foraged Sussex juniper spilling out all over the tongue.

Light, delicate and thoroughly contemporary, this is a very clean tasting gin with a crisp, smooth mouthfeel. It works wonder in an Aviation, but we also love it in a G&T with Elderflower Tonic and a couple of wedges of apple.

Key Flavours

"Silky base adds a lot of character to the gin, try it in a Martini and cop a feel of that mouthfeel in full effect!"

About this product

Chilgrove Spirits use their grape base as the first botanical, before layering on eleven painstakingly chosen others, including wild water mint, grains of paradise and citrus peels. The gin is distilled at Thames Distillery.

Chilgrove Gin is the work of husband and wife team Christopher and Celia Beaumont-Hutchings. Though they had the idea to make Gin whilst living in Australia, Celia’s Dutch routes inspired the duo to look at the old traditions of distilling grapes.

Chilgrove Spirits launched in 2015 and was fairly Avant Garde at the time, with the grape-base gin world still an unusual concept on UK shores.

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