Clairin Vaval Rum

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Clairin Vaval Rum

70cl | 50.4% ABV | Haiti

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This is batch two of Clairin Vaval – a white agricole rum distilled in a continuous Creole still at the Arawaks distillery in the village of Cavaillon, Haiti.

Vaval is big, bold and an eau-de-vie that shows excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness. Taste and enjoy neat, but enjoy in a Daiquiri.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Indigenous cane varieties, spontaneous fermentation, archaic distillation methods and no filtration: clairin is as artisanal as rum gets.

Clairin is made by tiny producers (similar to the remote communities who make Mezcal). The best of which are selected by La Maison & Velier, who either blend them or bottle them individually before export.

Clairin—an eaux-de-vie similar to white agricole rhums is the spirit of Haiti. The distilling landscape there is largely unchanged since the Haitian Revolution of 1802. Rustic. Authentic and flavour filled.

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