Coarunn Scottish Raspberry Gin
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Coarunn Scottish Raspberry Gin

50cl | 41.8% ABV | Scotland

Caorunn Scottish Raspberry Gin is a blisteringly fresh tipple, with the plump, sweet fruits bringing a snap of summer to the palate. This is the first flavoured gin from the team, but it’s proved itself to be well worth the wait!

The aroma and taste are raspberry lead and overall, it's far less sweet than the average flavoured gin because all flavours are distilled into the spirit, with no sugar after. It shines in a Floradora...

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"Big on the Raspberry notes which are bright as you'd imagine a Raspberry Gin being! You can really turbo charge a Clover Club using it and make a spectacularly fruity cocktail."

About this product

Caorunn Gin is made in a unique still, with the alcohol passing through a rare and powerful copper berry chamber. The botanicals are laid out flat, layer after layer, and as the alcohol ascends it picks up more and more flavour.

Caorunn Gin was created by Balmenach Distillery’s Gin Master, Simon Buley. He was very much inspired by the landscape that surrounds the distillery, aiming to use Celtic distilling traditions and ingredients to create something truly unique.

Balmenach Distillery is one of the oldest in the Speyside area, tracing its roots back to 1824. Naturally, it produces some fine whiskey, but Gin has served as something of a brilliant distraction for the team.

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