Cocchi Negroni-In-A-Box

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Cocchi Negroni-In-A-Box

10cl | 20.6% ABV | Italy

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A super cool set of ready to drink Negronis. The pack holds five pre-made Negronis in entirely recyclable, very thin containers. The perfect gift for a tasty drink on-the-go or to bring to a party.

Cocchi Negroni In A Box is a lovely take on the classic cocktail. You just need a glass, some ice, and garnish with an orange peel.

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About this product

A classic Negroni in revolutionary packaging - the drink is a blend of Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, London Dry Gin, Campari, and drops of Angostura bitters.

Founder Giulio Cocchi, a young pastry chef from Florence moved to Asti and established his company in 1891. In 2012, the company was inscribed in the Italian National Register of Historic Companies for its first 121 years of uninterrupted activity.

Vermouth di Torino is one of only two geographically protected AOC vermouths. Not only rooted by its production, it is based on Moscato wine from the Asti region too.

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A spectacular vermouth and one that you could easily sip on the rocks all afternoon. It's also the ideal choice for those looking to make Vesper Martini due to its high levels of drying cinchona.

"Produced using the same method and recipe that was originally created by Giulio Cocchi in 1891 the Americano is fantastic in a vesper Martini and makes a beautiful white Negroni when married with Suze and a citrus or floral gin."
Sara-Jane Eichler, Creator, Negroni Club UK
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Making its glorious return to the world to mark the company's 120th year anniversary, in 2011 Cocchi Di Torino was revived once more. We're glad it did as it’s a must try Vermouth!

"Probably my favourite Red Vermouth for overall versatility, it’s my favourite accompaniment for rose and violet creams, or any other dark chocolate. Robust fruitiness and slowly building warm spice notes wrap around the bitter chocolate perfectly."
Sara-Jane Eichler, Creator, Negroni Club UK
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"Cocchi Americano Rosa has been my favourite tipple this summer it’s like a boozy Strawberry cream Soda, Americano means that it must contain Gentian as well as wormwood and in the 1890’s would probably have been referred to as a ‘Vermouth Con Bitter’"
Sara-Jane Eichler, Creator, Negroni Club UK
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