Colonsay Gin

Colonsay Gin

50cl | 47% ABV | Scotland

Colonsay Gin is the product of two complete and utter Gin geeks, and so is made with nothing but love for the spirit. As such, it’s a fantastic rendition, bursting with juniper and sweet, cheek-filling roots.

Thick, piny juniper and sweet roots are joined by just a flicker of calamus roots gingery fire. Classically styled, with a fantastic smoothness, this is a Martini Gin through and through, so make that your first port of call.

Key Flavours

"Each pour reminds of us of the people behind each spirit, imbuing their dream into each drop - here, as you sip let your mind day dream about Husband and wife duo distilling fantastic gin on a remote Scottish island."

About this product

Seven botanicals form the recipe for Colonsay Gin, the most alien of which is Galangal. All of the ingredients are added to the still, along with the base alcohol, for just half an hour ahead of distillation.

Wild Thyme Spirits, the home of Colonsay Gin, was founded by Finlay and Elaine Geekie when they moved to the 150-resident-strong Isle of Colonsay in 2016. After dedicating a year to researching Gin, the duo jumped in head first.

As well as making a small handful of lovely tipples, Wild Thyme Spirit serves as a hotel, running a Gin Lovers Retreat several times a year. Visitors will be treated to plenty of gin and the island's unspoilt nature…

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