Conker Cold Brew Liqueur

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Conker Cold Brew Liqueur

70cl | 25% ABV | England

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The coffee liqueur for true coffee lovers. Speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, a touch of demerara sugar and distilled British wheat spirit combine to superb effect!

Very balanced, with lightly roasted espresso and a subtle citrus fruitiness. There are hints of caramel and vanilla that linger, alongside the chocolate and earthy coffee. Perfect to make a cracking Espresso Martini effect!

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About this product

Two speciality coffees sourced from Ethiopian and Brazilian farms, are cold infused into distilled British wheat spirit, filtered and sweetened with a touch of demerara sugar. Simple!

Founded by Rupert Holloway, Conker distillery is the quintessential entrepreneurial story. An uninspired worker decides to follow his passion instead, launches himself into starting something new & grows to become a superstar of the craft gin world.

Based in Dorset, this is a busy, buzzy distillery where there’s a sense of pride and entrepreneurial zeal is evident all around. Sure, the county is reflected in their gin’s botanicals, put it’s the people that root this place with authenticity.

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