Copperhead Gin

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Copperhead Gin

50cl | 40% ABV | Belgium

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Though it may come in a distractingly pretty bottle, Copperhead Gin us much more than smoke and mirrors. Just five botanicals form this hypnotic blend, with a burnt caramel orange taking the entire mouth hostage for hours.

Though supported by an abundance of sweet orange, Copperhead Gin is still one that is arguably classic, with a big dose of juniper. It works really well in a G&T with Indian Tonic and a big, bushy sprig of rosemary.

Key Flavours

"The combination of orange and juniper makes for a gin that's delicious in a G&T, and with a bottle like that…. There's no wonder why it's such a popular choice for those seeking a high impact, high quality gift."

About this product

Copperhead Gin is named for the traditional stills used during Gin production, so you can be sure this is made following a very traditional distilling method.

Copperhead Gin was created by Belgian pharmacist Yvan Vindevogel, a hotelier who couldn’t help but chime in when he noticed the rise of Gin across Europe. He sought, straight away, to create something both contemporary and medicinal.

Based in Belgium, the Copperhead Gin distillery is a fairly quiet affair, instead focusing on bartender interaction and seeking to create products that they would be excited to get hold of.

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