Corner 53 Cherokee Gin

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Corner 53 Cherokee Gin

70cl | 41% ABV | England

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Corner 53 Cherokee Gin takes its inspiration from Bourbons and Tennessee Whiskeys and is a sweet, maple-syrup gin with notes of sarsaparilla and vanilla. It’s basically a bakery in Gin form, and a tasty one at that.

Sweet orange and a banoffee pie strike out at the tongue, with a great does of vanilla adding a touch of Victoria sponge. Though not as juniper-laden as some Gin fans might ask, it is a great mixing spirit and perfect in a Gin Old Fashioned.

Key Flavours

"Using 100% pure Canadian maple balanced with orange and sarsaparilla makes for a gin with depth and a complex mouthfeel. The combination makes it an interesting substitute for recipes that call for Old Tom Gins."

About this product

To make Corner 53 Cherokee Gin, the distillery team preps a 47-litre steeping solution in the base of the still, then the botanicals – including naval oranges, pippin apples and conference pears – are left to steep for nine hours.

Corner 53 is the work of Tom Rudman, Jamie Williamson and Richard Cope, though the trio have got by with a little help from their friends. The team strive to make boundary pushing, conversation starting products that question what Gin really is.

Corner 53 Spirits is a distillery based on the corner of the South Downs that labels itself as a producer of New Age gins. There is no limit to what this team will put in their still – they have an endless realm of mad, brilliant and exciting ideas.

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