Corte Vetusto Mezcal Espadin

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Corte Vetusto Mezcal Espadin

70cl | 43.7% ABV | Mexico

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A sophisticated, un-aged (joven) mezcal crafted by a team passionate about heritage and artisanal techniques. A fantastic way to introduce yourself to the art of Mezcal.

Weighty mouthfeel with enticing mix of agave, smoke and herbaceous notes.

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About this product

Made from mature Espadin that's been cooked in a conical earth oven with mesquite wood for 4 days and double distilled on a copper pot stills.

Corte Vetusto mezcal is meticulously hand-crafted by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, a 4th generation Zapotec Maestro Mezcalero. The brand is owned and run by Londoner and Mezcal Maven, David Shepherd.

Corte Vetusto is made in Oaxaca, the headland of Mexico's Mescal production. (NOM-O363X)

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