Cotswolds Dry Gin & Sekforde Bundle
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Cotswolds Dry Gin & Sekforde Bundle

70cl, 12x20cl | 46% ABV | England

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We've done all the work for you and combined both the spirit and the mixer not just for convenience, but also for maximum flavour impact. A bottle of Cotswolds Dry Gin and 12 x Sekforde botanical mixers to perfectly compliment it.

A sparkling blend of aromatic raspberry, rose and sage - Sekforde's botanical mixer is a naturally fruity, quinine free alternative to tonic. This pairs well withCotswolds Dry Gin with its prominent lavender and grapefuit notes.

What's in the bundle?

Cotswolds Dry Gin

Cotswolds Dry Gin is a remarkable feat, fusing botanicals grown from within the distillery’s home region’ rolling hills with more traditional Gin ingredients. With fresh grapefruit and bursts of...

"One of the great British Gins, Cotswolds is as bucolic a flavour journey as walking through the surrounds of the region. So bright and oily are the flavours in the bottle, it louches once mixed with tonic making a 'cloudy G&T' as it's known."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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